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The Power of Journaling...

“A life worth living is a life worth recording.” – Anthony Robbins

Your weight loss journey is an important milestone in your life. It should be recorded. Every significant moment is one that we so often forget as we move through those difficult moments on the weight loss path. Journaling records those moments and it enables you to push past your dissapointments, your fears, your past behaviors, and to recall those successes that move you forward.

It is proven that successful people are successful because they have learned the power of journaling. If you are not journaling, you will probably notice that you are not progressing on your weight loss journey. The power lies behind the recording. What should you record?

  • Your successes on weight loss

  • Your failures on weight loss

  • Your fears

  • Your weight loss goals and benchmarks

  • Your feelings about weight loss

  • Things that God tells you about you on weight loss

  • Intimate and significant moments where something new is revealed to you

  • Positive affirmations

  • Scriptures to meditate on

Most importantly, you learn about YOU when you journal. Most that struggle with weight really don't know themselves and its hard to identify who you are if you don't get to know you. Journaling is a great way to see your patterns and behaviors so you can work on them. Remember, weight loss is not just about losing weight but who you become in the process...a stronger, better you!

Start journaling today and win on weight loss!

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