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Freedom In Him

This devotional taken from the Body Breakthru prayer calls will jumpstart your wellness journey with 30 foundational scriptures for weight loss.  The devotional can be reviewed every 30 days until the scriptures and concepts are are memorized for the best results.

30 Day Devotional


30 Foundational Scriptures


30 Day Prayer Guide Taken From Weekly Prayer Calls





“After joining the prayer calls, my ability to include God in my weight loss journey has gotten me results!”

-Lindsey Adams

12 Steps to
Weight Loss Success TBA
12 Steps to Weight Loss Success

This book gives you 12 steps that are foundational for wellness and weight loss success.  These 12 principles are to be applied-one per month- for an entire year.  Step into your year of transformation!

12 Steps To Weight Loss Success


Recognizing The Roadblocks


My Favorite Recipes For Weight Loss


Shopping Lists & Where To Shop

“Life changing, informative, and thought provoking.  Everyone who has taken the class now in book format has experienced transformation.”

-Tamekia Swint