My Story





Me today at 132 lbs

after having my son!

"I have learned that we achieve weight loss and a lifestyle of wellness by changing our basic eating habits and incorporating spiritual principles to empower us to do it.  It's the only way to sustain weight loss long term."*


Simply describes how I felt in January of 2005. I found myself in bed staring at the ceiling with tears welling up in my eyes, physically unable to get up and start the day.  My body had totally shut down and there was nothing I could do anymore.  Depression, alcohol abuse, and a love for comfort foods was controlling my life leaving me void and...


Seeking some temporary fulfillment to ease the pain in my heart from failed relationships, failed choices, failed friendships, disappointment, feelings of inadequacy, insurmountable grief and an overall dissatisfaction with myself became my primary focus.  Life became a series of unexpected events, nursed through my faulty experiences and choices made from a place of pain and loss.


I knew there had to be a better way…a life that offered true fulfillment and purpose. Although I had extensive training and background in living a healthy lifestyle, I found it difficult to bring my life's choices and decisions in line with the training and experience I knew. To make matters worse, I sunk into a spiritual desert that left a dry, thirsty, gaping hole in my heart. And, I had a deep, dark secret that I had shared with no one. I was filling that hole with…FOOD.


I knew that if I didn’t make a change, my life would continue to spin out of control and become a life controlled by obesity, illness and disease.  The enemy was trying to destroy my life.  All the signs were there.  I didn’t like how I looked on the outside, and I didn’t like how I felt on the inside.  My heart grew cold from emptiness, loneliness and a failure to truly understand life, LOVE, and purpose.  Until… true LOVE found me.  All of a sudden, it wasn’t as difficult to get out of the bed anymore.  There was a joy in my heart that left me excited about life, knowing my purpose, experiencing fulfillment and feeling a sense of belonging to something greater than myself.


Today, I am BALANCED in all areas of my life and I am truly FREE!  Nine years ago I lost 36 lbs and 27 1/2 inches in 4 months using Herbalife products and I’ve kept it off!  Since then, I've gone on to lose 14 lbs with my weight maintenance plan and I’ve helped and inspired others to achieve their own weight loss and wellness goals.  I know my purpose.  FOOD no longer controls my life, or the choices and decisions I make.  Here’s the best part: I experience true love that satisfies and fulfills every need I have everyday.  His name: JESUS!


Where did I go from there? I LISTENED and now, Body Breakthru exists to help you. If you’ve heard or thought this: “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not going to eat anymore”, “I’ve just got to eat”, “I don’t deserve this”, “I’m too fat”, “I’ve tried everything, I just can’t lose weight”, “I’m not motivated”, “It’s just too hard”, “It’s just not meant for everybody to be thin”, “I’m not gonna starve myself”, “I can’t believe these pants don’t fit again”, “I’ll just do the grapefruit diet this week”, “I have a slow metabolism”, “I workout and I just can’t lose”, “I want to lose weight, but I just don’t know how”, “I’m too busy”, “I want to be healthier” or, “I’ve tried every diet, nothing works for me”.  Obesity, overweight, and disease steals from us who and what we are and truly want to be. It limits us. It limits our relationships. It limits our ability to live the abundant life God intends for us to live.


In 12 Steps to Weight Loss Success, you’ll learn how to breakthrough what limits you and maximize your weight loss and wellness lifestyle efforts.  Learn how to direct your efforts towards meeting and achieving your goals with a God directed plan. With the right tools and God's help, you CAN lose weight and you CAN live fulfilled!*


I didn't keep many pictures from when I was overweight.  I was so disgusted with how I looked that I tried not to take pictures.  Here is a copy of me from an old ID picture I found. 

Before:  176 lbs