Healthy Snack Ideas

Your Health

How important is your health to you?  What are you willing to do to have better health results and accomplish your goals?


Body Breakthru teaches you practical principles to prioritize your health, wellness, and weight loss goals to get results you desire.  We incorporate Christian principles on which to build a strong foundation.


Our mission:  Teach weight loss and wellness with foundational Christian principles that teach you how to lose weight and keep it off.

Our vision:  To help clients value weight loss and wellness and adopt it as their lifestyle through discipleship and accountability.

Weight Management

Body Breakthru online classes and coaching will help you learn how to manage your weight so that weight loss and healthy living is not a struggle.  This takes consistent work on changing your habits and the way you think and feel about your weight.

Snacks I recommend and love to eat...

 Fresh garden salad.

This snack is the perfect go to for something quick and easy.  Salad can be loaded with veggies for a power packed nutrient snack.  Make your own salad dressing to control empty calories added to your salad with commerical salad dressings like sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  Or, go organic!

Try these workouts to kick off your wellness lifestyle!
Nutrition and Weight Loss

You cannot effectively lose weight and keep it off without learning how to choose foods that are low in calories and high in nutritional value.  Most people still feel hungry after they eat because they have eaten foods that are LOW in nutrition.  Choose foods high in nutritional value and low in calories!  The best way to identify foods highest in nutrition is to choose REAL food vs. processed food.

Pantry Makeover Challenge

What is hiding in YOUR cabinets?  Are there lots of high calorie, dense, processed foods?  These foods are one of the main culprits of obesity and overweight.  Don't fall into the pantry trap!  Makeover your pantry today with whole foods like brown rice, beans, and whole grain pastas.  Get rid of those potato chips, cookies, and white flour processed foods!

Commercially packaged snacks can be loaded with chemicals and non-nutritive ingredients.  I love these bars because they offer bars that are high in fiber, gluten free, dairy free & NON-GMO.  They are loaded with nutrients which means it's not an EMPTY snack.

  Kind Bar.


A Middle Eastern food great for weight loss because it's protein-rich.  High protein snacks fight hunger cravings and stabilize your blood sugar.  Purchase it commercially or even better make your own!

I make these in my NutriBullet or Ninja blender.  These are great for maintaining a lifestyle of wellness & weight loss because they are filling and you get all your nutrients in one glass without the empty calories from added ingredients like sugar.

  Fresh pressed vegetable & fruit smoothies.

 Homemade salsa.

Salsa is low in calories and packed with nutrients from tomatoes and veggies added to your favorite recipe.  I love homemade pico de gallo and keep it ready and on hand to snack on with low calorie organic corn tortilla chips or brown rice crackers.

Eggs are a great protein snack.  Pair it with greek yogurt in place of mayonnaise for a low fat treat.  Greek yogurt has half the sodium of regular yogurt.  This snack will leave you feeling satisfied.  Recipe 

  Deviled eggs with greek yogurt.

  Homemade vegetable or bean soup.

Vegetable soup is loaded with nutrients and will fill you up quickly.  Bean soup is loaded with fiber and protein leaving you feeling full and satisfied.  Prepare large portions and put them into smaller left over containers to enjoy for a snack during the week.

Walking is the best way to start working out if your body is not used to exercise.  You can burn calories and get your heart pumping faster which will help to increase your metabolism over time.  Begin with one mile and work your way up.  Use a pedometer or fitness tracker to keep track of calories burned.




Spin is an indoor class done on an exercise bike and it burns major calories.  All it takes is 20 minutes to get your heart rate up and burning calories.  The longer you spin, the more calories you burn and it will have you sweating profusely!

Zumba uses dance moves to get your body burining calories.  It's a great combination of cardo and strength building to get your body in a fat burning zone.


Weight training should be used in conjunction with a cardio exercise for best results.  Weight training builds lean muscle mass, strength and turns your body into a fat burning machine over time.  You should do at least 30 minutes of cardio before or after weight training.

Weight Training.

Swimming works all your major muscle groups. Must I say more?  Also, it's fun!  It's also easier for those who have pain in their joints.  It's easier to move your body in water and strengthens your heart and lungs. A good start for weight loss is 40-60 minutes 4-6 days per week.



When starting out running, start with a slow jog and work your way up to a paced run.  Running is great for your heart and lungs and it burns calories faster than walking.  Running also increases your endurance and builds discipline-both critical in maintaining weight loss.

Real Food Challenge

I took the REAL FOOD challenge for 30 days and wow, what a difference!  After one week I noticed that I could "taste" all the flavors in my food, I had more energy, and I enjoyed finding different foods to cook and try.  I expanded my receipes to cook at home.  Overall, it was a good experience that I have adopted as my lifestyle!


Click here for more details:  100 Days of Real Food


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